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GNSS-Commander Status Page

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The GNSS-Commander status page shows important NMEA data which are send by the external or internal GNSS receiver.

Every GPS/GNSS receiver support the NMEA protocol, a simple serial ASCII data-protocol. (
All GNSS receivers must be configured to log out different types of NMEA data, like the position and status (GGA) or the satellites (GSV).
Many GNSS receivers log out the GGA string (1Hz), the GSV strings (1Hz or slower) and the RMC string by their factory settings.

The internal GNSS receiver of android smartphones or tablets can not be configured! (at least i do not know any device)

By clicking on the gear-wheel icon in the headline you open the GNSS settings. (Navigation bar > Settings > GPS data)
The pause-icon will stop parsing the NMEA strings of the receiver, so the display will freeze.

gnss_status_en.jpg (43.57 KiB) 983 mal betrachtet
GPS data source: the active NMEA data source (simulation, internal GPS, external USB/Bluetooth)
Sats used: the amount of satellites which are used for position-calculation [GGA]
GPS status: the current GPS quality (e.g. AUTONOM = GPS-fix / FIXED = DGPS-fix) [GGA]
DGPS age: time since last D(ifferential)-GPS calculation in seconds [GGA]
Accuracy XY: standard deviation of position [GST] (get from Android-API if internal GPS is used)
Accuracy Z: standard deviation of height [GST]
PDOP: the PDOP value (position-dilution-of-precision) [GSA]
Heading: the Heading (true) value from NMEA-HDT string
Velocity: the velocity from the NMEA-RMC string

The GGA quality status value will be shown as:
  • GGA status=0: "No POS"
  • GGA status=1: "AUTONOM"
  • GGA status=2: "DGPS"
  • GGA status=3: "DGPS"
  • GGA status=4: "FIXED"
  • GGA status=5: "FLOAT"
  • all others (n): "FIX: n"