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Mock location

Beitrag von PilaBlu » 16.10.2017, 19:24

In order to provide the position data of your external GNSS antenna to any other app on your
android system, you first have to activate "allow mock locations" in the developer options.

1) Activate the developer options on your device if not already done
You have to tab the "build number" section 7 times. After two taps, a small pop up
notification appears saying "you are now 5(4,3,2,1) steps away from being a developer".
After the 7th tap, the developer options will be unlocked and available on your device.
dev-options.png (10.79 KiB) 740 mal betrachtet
Android 8 (Oreo): Settings > System > About phone > Build number
Android 6 (Marshmallow) + V7 (Nougat): Settings > About phone > Build number
Android 4 (KitKat): Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number

Note: On almost every device you can switch off the developer mode again.
Settings > Apps > (select 'Settings' app) > Storage > Clear data

2) Activate option "allow mock locations"
Settings > [System] > developer options:
allow-mock-app.png (21.58 KiB) 740 mal betrachtet
Android 6 (Marshmallow) + V7 (Nougat) + V8 (Oreo): "Select mock location app" (tap and select "GNSS Commander")
Android 4 (KitKat): Switch on "Allow mock locations" (you don't have to select any app here)

3) Switch on "Set GPS mock location" in GNSS-Commander app
Settings > GPS data > GPS mock location
gnss-cmd-mock.png (19.89 KiB) 740 mal betrachtet

Sometimes the location mocking doesn't work on first activation of the feature.
Just close the GNSS-Commander app and start it again - now the mocking should work.