Satellites Sky-Plot

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Satellites Sky-Plot

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The Sky-Plot shows the satellite list (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=31) in a graphical form.

Every satellite system (GPS,GLONASS,etc.) has a different color, whereby a filled circle means, that this satellite is
used to calculate the position. Btw. the position calculation is done by the firmware on the GNSS chip of the receiver.

The position of the satellite inside the outer circle indicates the two angles azimuth and elevation.
The azimuth is drawn as central angle (see green lines in graphic) and the elevation is displayed as circle radius.
The zero position of the azimuth is north and its direction of rotation is clockwise. (0° is north, 90° is east, etc.)

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The closer the satellite is drawn to the outer edge of the circle the less its elevation.
You can estimate the elevation value by the dashed circle lines, whereby the inner dashed line means 60°,
the outer dashed line means 30° and the next solid line means 10°.

The position-dilution-of-precision (PDOP) value received by the NMEA GSA-string indicates how good the
current satellite constellation is suitable for the calculation of the position. A value of 1.0 is excellent,
while a value of 10.0 is absolutely unusable.