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Connect a U-Blox device via USB cable

Verfasst: 10.05.2018, 19:01
von PilaBlu
Recently i get a lot of questions how to connect an external device to GNSS-Commander.
The following step-by-step instructions will show you in a simple way what needs to be done.

Connect a U-Blox device via USB cable to the GNSS-Commander App
  1. Open the settings menu (by the navigation-drawer or the icon in status view)
    mnu-settings.png (20.76 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
  2. Select "GPS data" and "GPS Input" afterwards
    mnu-gpsdata.png (9.29 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
    mnu-gpsinput.png (8.97 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
  3. Now select the correct input source (here: USB device)
    mnu_usbdevice.png (27.35 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
  4. Important: We need some additional settings for the input source
    Tap on "Additional settings" and select the correct vendor (U-Blox) and baudrate.
    Some USB devices are reacting really bitchy if you do not set the correct baudrate.
    From my experience with u-blox devices i can say that the baudrate is almost irrelevant,
    but again: It's always better to set the correct baudrate!
    mnu-addsettings.png (13.3 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
    mnu-vendor.png (10.43 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
All settings are done, so lets connect our u-blox device to the smartphone or tablet:
connect-ublox.jpg (29.68 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
The first time you connect your device (detected by vendor-id) the Android system shows you the message
"Allow the app GNSS Commander to access the USB device?".
app-usb-default.png (34.13 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
If you switch on "Use by default for this USB device" the App is started automatically if you connect the device.
You can simply test this later. Just exit the GNSS-Commander App and pull off the USB cable to u-blox device.
As soon as you reconnect the cable again the GNSS-Commander app should start automatically.

If everythings works as expected you should see the GNSS data from u-blox device in the status view:
ublox-connected.png (36.09 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet

  • You don't see any status info - all values show a dash?
    First check if you see the text "offline" in the status header line.
    is-offline.png (4.6 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
    If you only see dashes the device could not be recognized.
    Very often it's a problem with the cable or connector. (check your cable or USB-to-MicroUSB adapter)
  • You don't see any status info - all values are empty?
    It looks like the device is connected, but the app can't read any NMEA messages.
    Maybe the baudrate settings are wrong or the device is not configured to send NMEA.
    Open the "Additional info" menu from the navigation-drawer and select the second tab-page.
    Here you see all the raw data which is received from the device.
    If you only see binary messages or no messages please check your u-blox configuration.
    incoming.png (65.39 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet
    Almost every GNSS device must be configured to output NMEA messages, like the GGA. (position)
    For u-blox devices you can use the u-center program for configuration.
    Enable the "GGA", "GSA", "GSV" and "GST" messages to see a complete status info in the app!
    u-center.png (23.54 KiB) 721 mal betrachtet